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digital image, 2014


digital image, 2014

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Get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite male characters
↳ Kill Your Darlings | Lucien Carr

Lucien is different, or at least, his egocentricity is different, he hates himself intensely, whereas we do not. hating himself as he does, hating his “human-kindness”, he seeks new vision, a post-human post-intelligence. He wishes more than nietzsche proscribed. he wants more than the next mutation - he wants a post-soul - Jack Kerouac (september, 1944) 

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Yuri Pleskun by Matthew Lyn


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Jimmy Q by  Marek Chorzepa 

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【ガリ専狂喜】貧乳で腹筋が割れている女の子って興奮するよね : Eエロ画像社


Jess Riva Cooper’s work is inspired by the idea of nature reclaiming abandoned architecture. Check out her “Viral Series” of ceramic busts on Hi-Fructose.

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A reminder to stay filthy, kittens, from one of my favorites, Franz von Bayros.

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